The long awaited new musical statement from Avishai Cohen the Bassist and Composer delivers nine freshly executed, original compositions, and one delicately distinctive arrangement. ‚Arvoles', which means ‘Trees’ in Ladino (the ancient language spoken by the Sephardic people of the diaspora), showcases Cohen own unique DNA and heartbeat. Whilst being deeply rooted in trio music, ‘Arvoles’ delivers crafted stories enriched by an outstanding horn section, a sublime working unit, giving life and spirit. A unique journey where its depth becomes our hope. This trio and ensemble cannot fail to impress.

1. Simonero 

2. Arvoles 

3. Face Me 

4. Gesture #2 

5. Elchinov 

6. Childhood (For Carmel) 

7. Gesture #1 

8. Nostalgia 

9. New York 90's 

10. Wings

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