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Unreleased outside of Israel, SHAOT REGISHOT" ("Sensitive Hours"), the gold album recorded in Hebrew by Avishai Cohen between "GENTLY DISTURBED" and "AURORA", is now available everywhere on CD and vinyl. For the first time in his career, he does not make an instrumental album, but an album of beautiful songs that he writes and performs, strongly influenced by jazz, some traditional music, revealing a voice with multiple accents and an incredible charm. ...An essential milestone in his already rich discography.

1. Un Ayre 

2. Ahava Hadasha 

3. Ezamer Be Shovchin / Adama 

4. Shuvi Elay 

5. Yad Anuga 

6. Shalom Aleichem 

7. Shaot Regishot 

8. Dror Ykra 

9. El Hatzipor 

10. Si Kanamaia 

11. Tzaadi 

12. Puncha Puncha 

13. Shalom Aleichem (Radio Edit)

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