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Sunday Morning Classics by Nina Simone, released 24 April 2018, includes the following tracks: "Angel Of The Morning (remastered)", "Blues For Mama", "Do I Move You?", "I Wish I New How It Would Feel To Be Free" and more. This version of Sunday Morning Classics comes as a 2xLP. The vinyl is pressed as a opaque disc. Another vinyl is pressed as a opaque disc.

LP 1

  1. Mr. Bojangles (Remastered) 
  2. Peace of Mind (Remastered) 
  3. Angel of the Morning (Remastered) 
  4. Baltimore 
  5. Blues For Mama 
  6. Day and Night 
  7. Do I Move You? 
  8. I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl 
  9. I Wish I New How It Would Feel To Be Free 
  10. In the Dark (Original Master/Mix) 
  11. I Shall Be Released (Remastered) 
  12. Nobody's Fault But Mine (Remastered) 
  13. Since I Fell For You (Original Mix) 
  14. Turn Me On 

LP 2

  1. Backlash Blues 
  2. Ain't Got No - I Got Life (Remastered) 
  3. Whatever I Am (You Made Me) 
  4. To Love Somebody 
  5. To Be Young, Gifted and Black 
  6. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season) (Alterna 
  7. Just Like a Woman 
  8. Do What You Gotta Do 
  9. In the Morning (Remastered) 
  10. O-O-H Chil (Remastered) 
  11. Mississippi Goddam (Unedited Version From Original Live Conc 
  12. Westwind

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