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With his 11th studio album S3NS Ibrahim Maalouf plunges into new adventures with an impertinent freedom. This self-produced collection follows the same logical sequence of creative artisanal construction as all Ibrahim Maalouf’s previous albums, with striking Latin American influences from the very first track. S3NS is not really jazz, not exactly pop and sometimes rock, it’s hybrid, fresh, nostalgic but always unclassifiable music…


On this album, Ibrahim is surrounded by highly talented guests, notably three virtuosos from the new generation of Cuban pianists – Harold Lopez Nussa, Alfredo Rodriguez and Roberto Fonsec – as well as the saxophonist Irving Acao and the violinist and singer Ylilian Canizares.


This is the real thing from Maalouf, with plenty of Latin flavour!

  1. Una Rosa Blanca ft. Harold Lopez-Nussa (Piano)
  2. Happy Face
  3. S3ns
  4. Harlem ft. Irving Acao (Tenor Saxophone)
  5. Na Na Na ft. Yilian Canizares Violin
  6. N.E.G.U ft. Alfredo Rodriguez Piano
  7. Gebrayel ft. Roberto Fonseca Piano
  8. All I Can't Say
  9. Radio Magallanes

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