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Leidykla:  One Little Independant

Dviguba plokštelė (2 LP)

Metai: 2022



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"Each album always starts with a feeling that I try to shape into sound. This time around the feeling was landing (after my last album Utopia, which was all island in the clouds element, air and no bass) on the earth and digging my feet into the ground. It was also woven into how I experienced the "now", this time around 7 billion of us did it together nesting in our homes quarantining. Being long enough in one place that we shot down roots. My new album "Fossora" is about that. It is a word I made up. It is the feminine of fossore (digger, delver, ditcher), so in short it means "she who digs" (into the ground)." Fossora is an album by Bjork, released in 2022. Fossora includes a.o. the following tracks: “Atopos”, “Mycelia”, “Fungal City”, “Trolla-Gabba” and more.

  1. Atopos
  2. Ovule
  3. Mycelia
  4. Sorrowful Soil
  5. Ancestress
  6. Fagurt Er I Fjordum
  7. Victimhood
  8. Allow
  9. Fungal City
  10. Trolla-Gabba
  11. Freefall
  12. Fossora
  13. Her Mother's House